manfred h. vogel : photographer based in berlin : EXPO 2020 DUBAI : special offer

on the occation of the EXPO 2021 i will be onLocation and so can offer you a competitive

package regarding the phoptograohy of your activities/exhibitions in dubai.

please do contact me for portfolio-requests, a quote or additional information.

your advantages

- no charge of travelCosts
- no charge of travelTime


- photoGraphy

- stillVideo

- remotely operated cameras

- panoramic photo/stillVideo

- timeLapse/hyperLapse

- drone (subject to gov. approval)


- first fixed timeSlot: october 27th till october, 4th

  (official opening: oct. 1st.)
- please book your slot early (first come - first serve)

- further timeSlots will be announced timely


- up to three photo- / videoGraphers in the team

pricing (calculationBase)
- 1/1 day without timeLimit: 1,250.00 EUR (net.)


  - photography

  - stillVideo recording

  - photo postProduction

  - delivery

  - all travel-buyOuts

  - all unlimited copyrights




  - additional photo-/videoGraphers

  - hyperLapseVideo production

  - panoramicVideo postProduction

  - stillVideo postProduction


- 3 fullFormat digital cameras remotely controllable

  photo: 50mPix native resolution

  video: fullHD/30fps


- dji mavic 2 pro drone

  photo: 20mPix native resolution

  video: 4k/30fps dlog/hdr