drone - still and moving images from above.

the latest generation of small drones finally offers a competitive package regarding the delivery of a professional photo- / videoQuality, a balanced combination of weight / dimension and flightTime - all this with a diligent, accountable priceTag.

dinner tables @ gasometer, berlin.DE // photo by manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de

now it is possible to catch the moment from a perspective that before in the most cases simply was out of budget, respectively too complex to setUp.


thinking out of the box here brings things to life: it is not about outDoor, altitude only - think about taking photos / videos of a walkthrough of your location / exhibition; about a still or moving groupPhoto of some hundred people from above - about adding another level to the photos that make your story sparkle and surprise.


the pavilion @ hotel raffles europejski warsaw.DE // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de

the advantages


- opens up new vistas

- cost efficient

- < 2minutes setUpTime from

  arrival to takeOff

- drone size- and noiseEmission-

  wise ‚minimal invasive‘

fernsehturm, rotesRathaus, neptunBrunnen, berlin.DE // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de

keep in mind


- local & national regulations

  can limit use

- weatherConditions can limit



landRover experience, wuelfrath.de.DE // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de


- i do not charge additional

  costs for the use of the

  drone itself

- fees for administrative

  desicions (if needed) will

  be charged according

  effort without surplus

dji mavic 2 pro // manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de


dji mavic 2 pro

photo: A3 professional standard
video: 4k / 30fps / dlog / hdr

flugverbotszonen berlin // manfred h. vogel / mhvogel.de


- unlimited liability insurance

  (worldwide coverage)

- 350hrs+ flightExperience

  (both outDoor & inDoor)

- drone registred in germany and

  the usa (others on request)