manfred h. vogel : photographer & dop : berlin, germany : drone still & moving images

the latest generation of small drones finally offers a competitive package regarding the delivery of a professionally usable photo-/videoQuality, a balanced combination of weight/dimension and flightTime - all this with an accountable priceTag.

based on our experience (800 hours  of  flight-time+) we offer drone photos and -videos for corporate and editorial needs, including solutions for capturing scenes, where standard drones are limited (flying directly over crowds, pp.). please get in touch for details.

hotel europejski / warszawa.PL // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel /

today it is possible to catch the moment from a perspective, that before in the most cases was too complex to setUp or simply way out of budget.


although aerial photos, architecture, natural and shaped landscapes are the natural habitat of drones, thinking

out of the box here brings things to life: it is not about altitude / outdoor only - think about taking images of a walkthrough of your location; about a still or moving groupPhoto of some hundred people from above - it is about making photos that make your story sparkle and shine.

workers mounting pylon // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel /

the advantages

- opens up new vistas
- cost efficient

< 2minutes setUpTime from zero to takeOff
- size- and noiseEmission-wise 'minimal invasive'

dune // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel /

the xPrience / legal / keep in mind
- 750hrs+ flightExperience (outDoor & inDoor)

- unlimited liability insurance (worldwide)
- drone registered in germany and the usa

- local & national regulations can limit use
- weatherConditions can limit use

the hardWare
- dji mavic 2 pro

- photo: A3 professional standard

- video: 4k / 30fps / dlog / hdr

vessel 'boka constructor' // photo and copyright by manfred h. vogel /


seven magic mountains by ugo rondinone

nevada, usa