manfred h. vogel, photographer, berlin, germany, event, editorial, exhibition


manfred h. vogel :: photographer 



based in berlin, assigned internationally.


20 years+ professional experience.


focus on event, temporary architecture,

corporate and live show.


still and moving images, dop.


from the ground & up in the air.



interested in surfaces and structures,

in people and in what they do.



i trust in what i see:

- no electric botox,

- no electric plastic surgeries,

- no electric flavor enhancers:

straight photography & minimal invasive

postProduction only.

agencies / clients

as&k, avantgarde, bbdo, beBranded, cbe, commpany, conference & touring, die veranstaltungsmacher, east-end communications, def media, elements entertainment, eventuality, hansen, hill & knowlton, hypsos, insglück, ivory worldwide, kimmig entertainment, leo burnett, lmc communications, lunatX, ma*ma production, management circle, marbet, mediapool, megacult, mccglc, milla, n-ec, ogilvy one, pact, phase7, publicis, ralph appelbaum, rgb-spaces, scriptANDtell, simpress beijing, staufenbiel, studio now, totems communications, vagedes & schmid, uniplan, vision-event, vok dams, ylunio

in print

adac magazin, air berlin magazine, bild, berliner zeitung, british journal of photography, bunte, frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, frankfurter rundschau, geo, event-partner, event-rookie, frame, hörzu, ldi magazine, plsn, production-partner, plot, stern, tagesspiegel, tanz, theater heute, die zeit


2017 - chromatic awards annual book

2016 - adele: the hello-tour

2015 - immersive narrative


2014 - showlicht - vom scribble zum

       fertigen design  

2013 - seaside: mersin

2012 - in transit: las vegas

2011 - the beach: vladivostock


aco, adele, aida, airbus, altria, aok, aktion mensch, apec, ard, atr, aral, asc, audi, autostadt, aveda, awd, bambi, bayer, bertelsmann, bifi, bmub, bmw, brainpool, burda media, card process, citroen, coca-cola, converse, cws, dell, deutsche bank, dihk, dpwk, ehf, emdelight, energy brainpool, esso, glp, haier, harman, hess, hmi, hpe, iaaf, inaa, intel, ioc, iveco, jmb, johnson & johnson, kapersky, kpmg, lavera, liebherr, martin, mercedes, microsoft, michelin, mini, mtv, nordeon, novartis, osram, phil collins, philip morris, pfitzer, prg, procter & gamble, the rolling stones, sap, siemens, skoda, smart, sony, stage, tecis, teufel, the rolling stones, tia, troltect, tu braunschweig, volkswagen, volvo, wella, zalando, zanox, zdf